Residential sprinklers

Protect your family against the risks of a residential fire. Few people are aware that a small fire develops within 4 minutes into a fatal inferno where you may not run out.

Safe outside

Our installations guarantee that you will be safely removed from the home in case of fire. The sprinklers come into operation in case of a starting fire and ensure immediately that it is kept under control. In most cases, the sprinkler even extinguishes the fire completely.

The dwelling sprinkler is the most effective preventive device against fire and is the only way to actively take action against fires that occur inside the home.

The home sprinkler reacts to a house fire within 2 minutes. It does not detect smoke but only activates in the event of an effective fire.

The sprinkler cools the hot gases from the ceiling and removes the toxic gases from the smoke. This makes your family safe outside.

Burning topic

Residential sprinklers offer a solution for the greater fire load in modern homes. The trend to isolate better and better is a bad thing for your chances in case of fire. A sprinkler system is a permanent added value for your home. The tendency when you grow older to live independently for longer and the associated declining mobility will only increase the value of your investing.


Modern house sprinklers can be completely concealed in the ceiling for new buildings or renovations. Our installations are discrete and aesthetic.